How Organic Search Ranking is Affected by the Recent Hummingbird Algorithm Changes

The video provides an overview on how the latest algorithm update will impact small business SEO. The latest algorithm change known as hummingbird will require more time and effort from web developers and website owners to maintain their search rankings on Googles first page.

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A briefing on Google’s latest algorithm changes

A briefing on how 13 of the most significant algorithm changes impact SEO ranking.

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Mobile devices and your website

Is your website Smart Phone and iPad ready?

Many people are now surfing the web with smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices. We develop all our websites for smart phones and portable tablets. We understand the changing landscape of the internet and provide our customers with the latest mobile compatibility.

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Google+ and why you should pay attention

With the abundance of social networks that spring up on an almost daily basis, you would be forgiven for emitting a dramatic sigh to hear that you need to start paying attention to another social network. But this time, really, you do!

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Can I do Joomla updates myself

Often we send out newsletters to our clients when Joomla releases a new update or security patch.  If your site requires a security update, or Joomla upgrade and would like information on how to apply Joomla updates read on.

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