Joomla upgrades, pros and cons

Upgrading from older versions of Joomla. If you are running an older version of Joomla such as 1.5 or 2.5 then upgrading is an issue that needs to be addresses sooner or later. In this short article we discuss the pros and cons of helping you move into the future with your website

The Negatives of Not Upgrading

Security – increased risk of being hacked:

This is by far the biggest reason for upgrading. After September 2012, security releases for 1.5 will no longer be available. This leaves your websites vulnerable to newly discovered security exploits. Downtime, reputation, data loss or many of the other negatives associated with security breaches are major concerns for most people and should be discussed with your web developer

Stagnation – harder / more expensive to add new features:

As each new version of Joomla! becomes available, extension developers focus their programming efforts on newer versions and phase out support for older versions. This means that extensions will become harder to find or may not be available at all. So, the addition of a needed feature may require custom development, which can be expensive.

Technology Obsolescence

Server and browser technology is continually being changed and improved. As newer versions of PHP and MySQL phase in older versions will begin to phase out. Hosting providers will begin migrating to the improved platforms possibly leaving older installs in the dust.

The Positives of Upgrading

Improved Search Engine Optimization

Joomla! has come a long way in terms of its out-of-the-box SEO features. It allows you greater control over many behind-the-scenes SEO factors.Better Search Engine Optimization means it is easier for clients to find your website online

Easier management of content and productivity improvements

There have been a number of improvements in the management side of the website. If you are managing the site yourself, it can save you valuable time. If you are paying someone to manage it for you, it can save you money because changes can be made quicker.

Easier “One-Click” upgrades with update notification

The Joomla! update process has been greatly improved in 2.5 and offers numerous benefits for your client including better security, saved time and saved expenses.

Do you have to upgrade immediately?

No. Even as the versions of Joomla! reach “End-of-life,” the websites will continue to function just as they did before. There are certain risks associated with not upgrading or with delaying the upgrade, but you do not have to upgrade.


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